Saturday, January 6, 2007

Detroit News Article

Read more about Flo and why I decided to write this book:

The article also includes an audio version of my interview with Susan Whithall from the Detroit News.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Maxine,
Let me just say that I am THRILLED that someone from Flo's family is finally going to give an insiders account as to what really happened to Blondie! It is no secret that I am one of the BIGGEST ORIGINAL Supremes fans and that Florence was my FAVORITE! I am only 30 years old but I have felt such an unusual connection to your sister ever since I was old enough to find out who the Supremes were and who was this beautiful lady on the left that reminded me of my auntie .... Flo was definitely an original. I make it a point all the time as people know I am a huge fan to set the facts straight according to what I know and read but I'm sure there is so much more for me to find out and I am thankful to God that you are here to share with us! I can't wait. Although Dreamgirls doesn't give Blondies full life experience and that she was way more colorful and attractive and sassy than effie I am glad that it has brought attention to her life which I one day hope will be brought to tv or the big screen and you know who I hope we get to play her part?! Faith Evans ... does anyone else in your family feel that Faith resembles Flo ?! Fans I talk too all the time think so .....Much love and luck Maxine with this project God Bless Kp from DC

Jill Foster said...

I'm really looking forwad to your book. I'm sure you'll have many interesting and insightful things to say. I ahve always been a fan of Flo's. Her voice had a pure clarity that was so attractive, and I thank God that those two previously unreleased Christmas tracks led by her were released... those really show what she can do. The first time I heard "O Holy Night" I literally sobbed. Music doesn't move me to that extent very often, but she had the power to do it.

Anonymous said...

Maxine BLESS YOU for doing this! I have loved your sister for years. It's about time her story came out by one of her own. Thank you so much, and i wish you all the success in the world with your projects! Honey You IS terrific!

Anonymous said...

Maxine you have our support all the way. We love Florence and we will not permit that her memory be forgotten. Anything we fans can do, you just have to ask.