Saturday, February 3, 2007

Smokey Robinson speaks out on Dreamgirls!

I talked briefly with the interviewer, Elizabeth Blair, about this story she was writing. The completed story was quite an interesting read. I was so surprised to hear that Smokey Robinson was angry about the movie. Take a look and leave me your comments:

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Anonymous said...

Smokey is upset because there must have been an element of truth in the movie. Otherwise I feel he would have just said "this was imaginary". As vice president of Motown, I hold him also responsible for denying Flo her musical heritage and royalties when she was dismissed. I am sure he knew about this and could have done something. Flo could not bill herself as a former FOUNDING member of The Supremes. She got royally ripped off and Motown is responsible for this reprehensible act.
HDH? How could they ever say Flo was NOT a lead singer? Ridiculous. Flo had the most distinctive voice of the three originals. Luckily for the public, the sessions with Flo are now available and we can hear for ourselves.One listen to "Silent Night", "Aint That Good News" and "Makes No Difference Now" cancels out the HDH statement. Honestly, there is SO much DENIAL from these people. The facts speak for themselves. Let the chips fall and TELL THE TRUTH