Friday, February 29, 2008

The support of fans amazes me!

I am so proud of all the support that Flo's fans have shown me over the last year! It has been simply amazing! I am busy at work writing a follow up to the first book - and, yes - it will be in paperback, for all those who have requested it. I plan to include a discussion of my personal investigation into Flo's death and brand new family photos of Flo - including a never-before-seen baby picture of Flo. So, stay tuned and keep the reviews coming!


Derrick M. English said...


I am so glad you writing a second book about Blondie! I can't wait to get my hands on a copy. But honey, take your time. I have been working on my novel for over a year now and I won't be finishing it for a couple years--mostly because I am going back to school.

Please keep us updated on your progess! Love you very much!


steph said...

Wow!!! Baby pics of Flo now that is worth getting!! I cant wait.

Anonymous said...

Loved your first book and am so looking forward to the next. Good luck and thanks for what you do. Liz Perry

Tim said...

Maxine, I have enjoyed getting to know Flo through your book and all the other wonderful books about Flo. I went to Detroit summer of 08 and visited Hitsville, saw Flo's house, and went to her grave. I listened to her music there, placed flowers, and contemplated her life. I look forward to your next book.