Thursday, May 28, 2009

Unsung episode coming soon!

Florence Ballard - The co-founder and shared lead singer of the Supremes was replaced as lead singer by Diana Ross when Berry Gordy decided that Ross’ voice could help the group cross over and appeal to white audiences. She never recovered from that decision, and Gordy dismissed her from the group in 1967. It took years before she recovered emotionally, and she spent much of her last years in poverty, dying a tragic death from a coronary thrombosis at age 32. Although the award-winning theater presentation of Dreamgirls and the critically acclaimed film are reportedly based on the life of Florence Ballard, Unsung finally tells her real story through the recollections of family and friends. Premieres Sunday, June 28 at 8 PM, repeating at 11 PM, as well as Thursday, July 2 at 10 PM and Friday, July 3 at noon and midnight.

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Anonymous said...

I Loved Flo Very very much!!!!!!!! She was a great talent that we lost. We the fans are the ones that are suffering. I have a cd of hers from Spectrum in the U.K. She had such a wonderful , very rich , very Aretha Franklin like voice! I even have a cd of her and Diana Ross's stage performance at the Copacabana in New York from 1967. Her comedy lines were wonderful and really funny! She really was the whole package! i wish fans around the world will keep her memories alive!!!!!