Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dreamgirls - The Movie - My Two Cents

Everything I read about this movie seems to deny that the movie is based on the story of the Supremes. But, most critics and those who have seen the movie say that the character of Effie is the same as my sister, Blondie. I haven't seen the movie, but I am sure that the real story of my sister's life cannot be found in this film. Everyone portrays her as this down and out, broken, once-famous singer, when, in fact, she was quite the opposite. I wish you could have known her. I guess that's why they say art does NOT imitate life - there is no comparison between what's on the screen and the real thing. And Blondie was the real thing.


The Maverick said...

I haven't seen the movie as yet but I have seen the play. I always thought of DREAMGIRLS as a portrayal of singing groups period, but not of the Supremes.

Maxine said...

I just saw the movie yesterday. I can honestly say that while the music thrilled me, the movie left me lukewarm. It was NOT at ALL the story of the Supremes, and definitely not the story of my sister, Flo. I just wish I could turn off the myriad of comments others are making about this movie in trying to turn it into the story of my sister's life. Effie was nothing like Blondie.

BTW, my sister never lost her looks or her talent - she was beautiful, both inside and out, and as talented, until the day she died.