Friday, December 15, 2006

More work on the book

I am inspired, now more than ever, to finish the work necessary to complete this book project! I met with my webmaster today, and the site should be up and running by the weekend. Unfortunately, the site was taken by another party, but I was able to claim additional domain names, including and I am allowing, on a limited basis, interested parties to gain access to the book in a digital format prior to its release in early 2007. The digital book may be purchased via and will be available soon. Others will be able to buy hard copies of the book in early 2007.

I hope readers like what they see. I have poured countless hours into the writing of this book, and the true story is there for all to read. I created a voice message for fans to listen to my thoughts on the book. To access the message, dial (641) 985-5999, extension 18714 and press the # key.

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